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20170824 00:35 trailing wife This is Idriss Hamadene, Bright Pebbles? Do you have a link?
20170823 15:51 Alaska Paul Winter activities of the UP (formerly SP) snowblowers over Donner Pass in February of this year.

20170823 14:41 Bright Pebbles The driver of the van that killed one and injured another in Marseille on Monday has been named as 34yo Idriss Hamadene. Books on Islam and psychology were found in the van and he has been charged with assassination and theft.
20170822 21:49 badanov Found it was another accurized bolt action rifle 7.62x54mm
20170822 21:28 badanov Anyone here ever heard of a Russian rifle called the MC-116?

I ask because I was reading about how the Soviet KGB Group Vympel organized sniper companies in Afghanistan, and this was a high accuracy rifle named in the post.
20170822 21:02 badanov Two defendants in the Bundy standoff trial were acquitted.
20170821 20:33 badanov Some Monday evening Smash Mouth:

20170821 19:21 Pappy wretchard (not at his best):

David Weigel of the Washington Post grumbled about the track record of "extremely smart pundits" lately. They were missing the mark too often. The failure of the pundits may be that they were betrayed by their own faith in conventional wisdom. The 2016 election scattered both the Republican and Democratic party structures. The Democratic Party is currently down on the canvas. The DNC is raising less money than RNC. The Republican establishment for its part is not entirely happy with Donald Trump, but the Democratic party was the center of gravity of American politics. It was the entity with the strongest hold on public sector unions, on the State. If you wanted to decapitate the American political system it was the most vulnerable point. In its condition there are now two legs of the Washington stool that are wobbling.

If there is a general malaise underway, recognizing the problem is the first step to reversing it. Conventional wisdom is that Climate Change, identity issues and white supremacists are the root problems. Some disagree and feel that the OPM data theft, the Snowden defection and State Department classified cable hacks point us looking the wrong way. One can't go back to Oct 2016 to make the way "it should have been," but they'll all try.

It's the uncertain diagnosis of the malaise that is fueling talk of a Second American Civil War. The difference of opinion is real. David Blight, writing in the Guardian, suggests that Americans do not yet understand what they are fighting about. But they are beginning to comprehend that the raucous debate has burst into the open. How the issues come to be understood may determine in large part whether the differences can be threshed out or lead to conflict. The greatest risk is that events will be hijacked by rancor, because in "heat of action men are likely to forget where their best interests lie and let their emotions carry them away." The decline of civility itself may be the chief danger. The tragic fact is that in the By All Means Necessary world a snarl goes further than a smile.
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20170820 12:29 Pappy Ararat has its origins in Turkey (where the mountain range is,) but also attributed to ancient Hebrew. The Armenians also use it.

I figure the change to Artur is to provide 'local cover'. It's in many Slavic, Romance, and Germanic languages.

Considering Islamists change their nom de guerre on a whim (or have it assigned to them,) it's not surprising.
20170820 12:04 badanov The Artur appelation instead of Ararat I can't explain.
20170820 12:03 badanov The difference in spelling his how the Russian G is pronounced. In some regions the G is pronounced and translated as a G In others, such as in Ukraine it is treated as an H. It also depends where in the word it is and the lcoation of constants that precede it.
20170820 12:01 badanov You're right. The nmame is something else. the Sun has the name slightly changed. They call him Artur Gadzhiev.

Kots said his name was: Ararat Hajiyev
20170820 11:56 badanov That was his name preJihad.

Stand by
20170820 10:49 trailing wife Kyrgyz Akbarzhon Jalilov

That's not the name we have in the Sun article. Please add that as either an update or a comment with the link, badanov.

Violently crazy people are influenced in their choice of target by the zeitgeist and by those around him.
20170820 10:16 badanov Russian military correspondent Aleksandr Kots reports that the terrorist in Surgat in central Russia stabbed his victims in specific ways, using a video produced by ISIS on where the most vulnerable parts of the body are.

In the video itself, a man was tied to a piece of rubble. The attacker slowly carved this poor man up to demonstrate knife skills.

While even local authorities claim the man, Ararat Hajiyev, was mentally ill as the reason for his attacks, it seems clear that he was influenced by ISIS in profound ways
20170819 08:25 badanov I have a translation of an after action report of an assault landing during WWII. In that report, the army was used for artillery fire support, as Russian naval infantry were landed to probe German defenses near Murmansk. In that operation the Russians (then Soviets) used mine layers and sub chasers as troop transports.
20170819 08:21 badanov I didn't know that the Russian Baltic Fleet intends to use its KA-27 helicopter in assault landings, presumably with naval spetsnaz. Normally the bird is used on board ships as an ASW, SAR and AEW platform.

The video denotes how the Russian Army and Russian naval infantry would work together in amphibious landings, in a live fire exercise near Kaliningrad.

20170819 00:22 badanov One of the great and rare planetary events in natural history and all I can think about is how it will affect my commute Monday