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20140930 08:42 Thing From Snowy Mountain Webb helped give Zero cover and consolidate his power during the first half of his term; I don't really feel like being lied to about how he's now a moderate.
20140930 08:35 Pappy Bad - Interior troops.

Found this article this morning. It does change the optics - a bit.

Considering the original piece in Chinese media got pulled, it sounds like there might be some 'discussion' at the upper echelons of government wrt sending interior troops.

Then again, they left the English version up.
20140930 06:27 Shipman James Webb is considering running against Hillary. That would be mighty interesting, especially in the South.
20140930 01:19 badanov PLA or interior troops?
20140930 00:40 Pappy Indications are that China will send troops into Hong Kong.
20140929 21:56 badanov OSCE: In the area of Shchastya (25km north of Luhansk), on 27 September, at around 15:00hrs, the SMM heard mortar shelling, but it could not ascertain the origin or its direction.

Pro Russian Militias: Yeah, that was us...
20140929 21:09 Glenmore Jaundice. Complication of baby-mother blood type incompatibility. Baby's brother had it bad & spent several days in NICU; hopefully caught earlier this time and that won't be necessary. 'At home' blue light bed was supposed to have been delivered this afternoon.
20140929 20:42 Thing From Snowy Mountain Orange?

BTW, here's some music.

20140929 19:16 Glenmore New granddaughter is turning orange. Time for the light bed. Thankful for modern technology.
20140929 18:36 trailing wife Greetings to Mrs. Rabbit's computer! ;-)
20140929 18:28 BrerRabbit Howdy All, new computer for the Mrs, setting cookies.
20140929 11:11 Shipman Naw, it looked odd in the preview is all. Thanks.
20140929 08:16 trailing wife No, you did it correctly, Shipman. Straight into the hopper, where it was awaiting my attention when I awoke. Very few of us skip the hopper stage -- I'm also not one of those so privileged. I just published it plus a couple of others.
20140929 07:32 Shipman Tried to submit an Vzla Bloomberg article for page three, think I screwed up. Sorry.
20140929 01:10 3dc
20140929 00:03 badanov
20140928 12:28 Pappy I am lying when I say this operation does not have a name. It has a name: "Operation Hey That's My Humvee"

— Fake Admiral Kirby (@zorching) September 25, 2014

I'd go with Operation Hijacked Humvee myself. But I'm not a wag with a Twitter account.
20140928 10:34 Deacon Blues AAAAAAnd, in recent news, a Fergusson police officer was shot yesterday. Flesh wound, not life threatening.
20140928 10:17 badanov Better sound that the contemporary recording, here is the original recording featuring Marion Hutton and Gordon "Tex" Beneke on vocals.

20140928 00:03 badanov Natalie Angst andf the Glenn Miller band:

20140927 23:09 badanov Russia sells out the Novorossiya militia. According to Ukrainian national security spokesman, Alexandr Lysenko, Russian military will cease providing technical assistance to the militias on their military equipment. Paraphrasing, if it get broken, militias can fix it themselves.
20140927 23:08 Pappy And the hits just keep on coming:

PR man hired by the city of Ferguson to Ferguson to rebuild relations convicted of reckless homicide in 2006; officials say he didn't tell them.
20140927 23:01 SteveS OldSpook is right about the H1B thing being a scam. Just a way to save some $$$. At Enron, we had a whole *bleep*load of Chinese and Indians. All very competent, but hired into junior positions. The H1B law says you have to pay prevailing wages but if you can hire a senior-level foreigner as a junior programmer you can save a good bit cash, especially if you have a large staff.
20140927 17:22 Thing From Snowy Mountain It's like news items with the Palins or Ukranians. Wait a couple weeks for the real story to come out.
20140927 17:14 Bright Pebbles http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11121519/Ultra-Orthodox-Jews-cause-chaos-on-flight-to-Israel.html

Boot them off the flight then.
20140927 14:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain Damn, I missed the ability to get on the net on my home desktop.

ANYWAY, I'm going to shut down for a while, install the new(er) version of mint.
20140927 14:13 Frank G Ship - yes I was - I was carpooling on 805 freeway (about 8 blocks away) on the way to morning classes at UCSD right afterwards. We could see the flames, smoke column but had no idea of what had happened. Just looked like a very large house fire
20140927 14:10 Frank G thx to AOS and Bad for catching/deleting my identity theft commenter
20140927 14:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain Finally on the net from home, without having to use a lousy smartphone. yea me.
20140927 09:47 Glenmore The chickens have total control of the mud porch.
20140927 08:34 Shipman Awesome Glen!

Living room? Mud porch better.
20140927 08:27 Glenmore I just got a new grandchild - first granddaughter. Crazy daughter did another successful delivery in her living room.
20140927 00:31 badanov And on to Chernarus
20140926 20:24 Pappy Ship, I was there - at school on the Naval Station at 32nd Street. And flew out of Lindbergh the next day.

I think the only sober people on board the flight to Seattle were the cockpit crew.
20140926 13:28 Shipman Question for Frank G. Were you in town the day PSA 182 crashed? I was just reading about it over at Real Clear History.
20140926 01:13 OldSpook Push the button Frank.

Pappy, my guess is they (Shia Iraqis) were using "traditional" (Saddam style) Iraq interrogation techniques on some ISIS (Sunni Iraqi) that they had in custody, and got what they wanted. Specifically what they wanted - and exactly what they were asking for.

Whether their form of physical abuse produces actionable intelligence is questionable, but those particular Shia probably enjoyed doing that to the Sunni anyway.

20140926 00:50 3dc Thanks OS
20140926 00:46 3dc fip the switch?
20140926 00:45 OldSpook Tech worker shortage? No, now proven as a lie, used by tech companies and industry to depress wages via H1B and immigration.

Reports by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the RAND Corporation, the Urban Institute, and the National Research Council have all found no evidence that STEM workers are in short supply. In our own report, my colleague and I looked at the latest government data, which show that in 2012 there were more than twice as many people with STEM degrees (immigrant and native-born) as there were STEM jobs — 5.3 million STEM jobs vs. 12.1 million people with STEM degrees. What’s more, the supply of STEM workers is not just limited to those with STEM degrees. Nearly one-third of the nation’s STEM workers do not have undergraduate STEM degrees. Many STEM jobs in areas like computers and laboratory work can be learned on the job.

So if there is a superabundance of native and immigrant STEM workers and little wage growth, why are there calls for more STEM immigration? The answer, put simply, is greed and politics. Businesses that want more immigration would get more workers, holding wages in check and increasing their bargaining power. [Politicians] respond to corporate donors by promising to increase STEM immigration. What’s not to like?

20140925 23:15 Pappy Ima still trying to figure out where Iraqi intelligence got wind of the subway plot.
20140925 22:44 Pappy Holder was going to resign sooner or later anyways

I gather he has legitimate health issues as well, probably from stress.

I suspect Mr. Obama will try to get a new Attorney General candidate named and in front of the Senate in the last weeks of October. I be figuring it'll be Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York or Robert Mueller formerly of the FBI, if Mr. Obama wants to go for a safe pick that might help the Senate Dems, California Attorney General Kamala Harris or another Holder-clone if he wants to electrify the base. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli or ex-WH counsel Kathryn Ruemmler as dark horses who are acceptable to the Establishment Left.

The last two would likely IMO be announced after Nov. 4th so the Senate could vote them in on a party-line vote, if they can't peel off enough Republicans to make it look bipartisan. Think of it as the opening salvo (and another fundraising opportunity) for 2016.
20140925 19:39 Dale
20140925 16:32 badanov It's a mess, and yet there is even more bad news. Expect Obama to continue in office until 2017.

The good news is that Obama will continue in office until 2017.
20140925 15:50 Alaska Paul Deacon----Rumors of us being lost in the rubble were greatly exaggerated. There was no rubble to crawl into.
20140925 15:10 OldSpook Holder left now because Obama thinks he can force thru his pick during lame duck, instead of the risk of a full GOP congress. Holder was going to resign sooner or later anyways. I guess the polling data looks bad in DC.
20140925 14:20 trailing wife SteveS posted this comment on the subject in the thread:

#15 One answer to "why now?":
A federal judge earlier this week ruled that the Justice Department will have to begin submitting documents next month related to the botched Fast and Furious gun operation in a case brought by Judicial Watch.
20140925 14:11 Alaska Paul 49 Pan --- All alternatives you present except 1 are depressing.
20140925 14:10 Alaska Paul Just had an earthquake. About 15 seconds of short period tremors, then about 6 seconds of long period side sway. A 6.1 earthquake. Got our attention on the second story of our building in Anchorage.
20140925 14:04 3dc Location61.952°N 151.828°W
20140925 14:03 3dc Paul just got a 6.1 earthquake
20140925 12:41 49 Pan So reports are that Holder will resign today. So there is one of three reasons I can think of. 1. They believe the donks will lose the election and he will end up impeached. 2. He plans on getting selected for the supreme court and they want to vote him in before the new senators get in place. 3. He plans on joining the campaign and run as Hillary's VP.
20140925 11:11 3dc That link care of our French Kevin. Note that Turkish Police are using water cannon to prevent Turkish Kurds from going into Syria to fight ISIS.
20140925 11:09 3dc http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2014/09/httpwwwbbccomnewsworld-middle-east-29294656.html#comments
20140925 08:27 Shipman Maybe best hound ever.