1 spam hits today.

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20160206 23:16 trailing wife TWiB looks good, swksvolFF.
20160206 18:35 Deacon Blues I'd be a Buddhist if people didn't piss me off so much.
20160206 12:31 swksvolFF TWIB in.

Indeed. The girls have the fishing fever.
20160205 23:17 Shipman Tired of winter, got the seed catalog out.
20160205 19:17 badanov Some Friday evening Third Eye Blind:

20160202 22:13 badanov A real blast from the past. some Tuesday night Humble Pie:

20160202 14:00 trailing wife Whew! Lots of Chinese spam today.
20160202 13:01 Deacon Blues Thete is a report that the Democrats have already lost the data from 90 Iowa precincts. Lost stuff seems to just happen when the Clintons are involved.