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20170428 03:10 Skidmark Sorry for the comment aggression.
Usually the pain meds have kicked in by now. Must be a new mix.
20170427 22:56 Shipman Home next week?
Not my first chainsaw accident

Been lurking thinking big thoughts, high concept stuff that will need financing.

More later, keep the buzz low, this is hush, hush.
20170427 19:46 3dc
20170427 09:12 3dc WTF? Iron Man and Wang Yang?
20170426 23:36 badanov Some late Wednesday night George Jones:

20170426 20:50 trailing wife I took a look inside your post but didn't notice anything wrong with the code, 3dc. Goodness knows the one thing Rantburg is not is malicious... though we have gotten testy from time to time.
20170426 11:57 3dc some how posting screwed up for the video on the link for "The Saudi Moi says" - Chrome did it on purpose and called the burg a malicious site.
This is the video link
20170425 22:33 badanov Some Tuesday night Panic! At The Disco:

20170425 16:03 Skidmark A new venue for your music, AP.
The people making films above the 60th parallel
20170424 23:01 Pappy Z-Man:

What I’m always struck by in the old movies is the maturity of the male leads. Bogart was in his 40’s when he made Casablanca and he looked like it. His character was supposed to be middle-aged. He was an adult.

Today, the male leads are cartoons, often literally cartoons. The real flesh and blood male leads are steroidal freaks, who look like float decorations at a gay pride parade. More important, they lack maturity. Instead of playing characters that anchor society, they are emotional wrecks who need saving.

I hate this age.
20170424 16:29 Deacon Blues Sckidmark, there was another single-shot .45 called the Liberator pistol dropped to the Maquis in WWII called the FP-45. Your picture is a current version. The originals were very crude.
20170424 09:13 trailing wife May they yield mightily for you, Pappy. I have a tomato plant and a few herbs ready to put into a pot, but it's still a bit cool here. We can't really trust the local climate until Mother's Day, according to conventional wisdom.
20170424 08:45 Pappy Morning from the Broom Closet Just Outside the Wadi Near Hell.

Spent the weekend down Frank's way, digging in the dirt and planting tomatoes. Very therapeutic.
20170424 01:28 badanov Now I understand. While I was on the 2nd floor, I got hit but treated myself. That's usually not enough. My team medic was killed, so all that activity after I cleared that area, was trying to find a way to get medical treatment.

The wheezing you hear is my character suffering from being hit. I was patched up enough to go on, but at some point that would not have been enough.
20170423 22:20 badanov It's an immersion mod. Soundtracks from radios playing wimmin screaming, babies crying, the BTR idling its motor and so on. A lot going on in the background.
20170423 22:07 Skidmark Was that wheezing soundtrack part of the game?
20170423 18:21 badanov Learning to control barrel climb, and doing a better job of reloading after an encounter.

In this game CQB is easy. It's the approaches that are hard.
20170423 18:11 badanov I don't think I did too badly this time out, Skid. given my age and the fact I couldn't do this at all just a few years ago.

Plus, I had a great time.
20170423 18:10 badanov For any history nerds, a 2003 Japanese film about WWII Soviet spy Richard Sorge, in two parts.
20170423 15:51 Skidmark Berserker, some time ago you made a remark about a WWII single shot pistol made for the resistance fighters.
I don't remember the name but the image stuck with me. Here is what appears to be a current version.
20170423 15:45 Skidmark Wait! Hold the Nachos!
A video repeater drone relay to your optical sight! I'll get right on it.
20170423 15:35 Skidmark Man! Bad I got worn out just watching.
I can see you need a spoon mirror site mod for looking around those corners and landings.
20170423 09:55 badanov Some Sunday morning Sugar Ray: