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20141122 09:58 Michale ***SPAM?*** Get a job buy lopressor British Transport Police launched Operation Tornado last year to combat the problem and North Yorkshire Police said it helped reduce metal thefts in the region from 426 between April 2012 and March 2013, compared to 181 since April this year.
20141122 09:58 Colton ***SPAM?*** Stolen credit card norfloxacin and tinidazole But Pearce’s evident improvement as the film follows him all the way into late 2012 creates space in the story for some humor and an appreciation for the joy that high-level snowboarders derive from their sport and their friendships.
20141122 09:58 Arnold ***SPAM?*** Did you go to university? lopressor 100 mg "The writing of the Constitution was successful because it was a bundle of compromises. The genius of the political system has always been to compromise politically," he says. "The lead-up to the Civil War is an example of our failure to compromise."
20141122 09:44 polo ass ***SPAM?*** For a better understanding of how small-scale in size the sport of polo is in comparison to other professional sports, here are a few key facts: Each professional polo team consists of only four players at a time.
polo ass http://www.ourbc.org/obc-choir/EPIhbi/LSsNlm.asp
20141121 20:43 Pappy Ace of Spades proposed that the new GOP majority leader force the President to deliver his State of the Union elsewhere besides Congress.

Boehner would never do it.
20141121 09:18 swksvolFF oooff...Heal Well Fred.
20141121 08:51 Dale I understand Darrell Wilson has left the force last night.
20141121 08:48 Dale Fred heal well and fast.
20141121 08:48 Dale Watch this fall apart. O's unintended consequences. Reminds me of Adam and Eve. Eve fell to the beauty, power and promises of satan. Only to have been manipulated into choosing a lie. The work of true con men.
20141121 08:12 3dc Fred - repair well.
20141121 01:09 trailing wife Dear Snowy Thing, you are one of our most restrained posters. If you actually flame someone, it's a certainty that they deserved it.
20141121 00:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thanks for letting us know; I hope he gets better soon. In the meantime I'll try to refrain from flaming anyone (if you'll pardon the usenet-ism).
20141120 23:57 OldSpook Best wishes and prayers going out for his recovery. I'll throw in a rosary toward his healing.
20141120 23:19 Gloria Fred will be out for a while he had an accident with a table saw and had surgery tonight to repair damage. Please take care of the burg as he needs a few days to recover and he cannot type anyway.
Thank you.
20141120 23:04 3dc includes the following That five person company, RD Amross, is a joint venture of Russian engine maker NPO Energomash and a U.S. partner, aerospace giant United Technologies. According to internal company documents that lay out the contract, Amross stands to collect $93 million in cost markups under its current multiyear deal to supply the RD-180 rocket engine.
20141120 23:01 3dc Regarding the Russian rocket engines in Atlas, interesting stuff in this article http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=34965.msg1290607#msg1290607
20141120 20:58 OldSpook Time for what used to be called "longhair stuff" well before the time of hippies hijacking the term and inverting its meaning.

The actual performance is allegedly 50 years old soon (1965 recording). Von Karajan at his early best (before he softened his style starting in the 70's), and the Berlin Philharmonic at its finest. This is perhaps the definitive performance of this piece. J. Strauss II: An der schnen blauen Donau, Op.314

As selected by Kubrik for one of the greatest Sci Fi movies ever made. 2001: A Space Odyssey.

This is one of my favorite orchestral pieces and favorite performances of all time. Its the only secular piece of music on my funeral list and it will be the last music heard while my face is still visible in this world.

Enjoy - this is one of the things that reminds me that not all humans are mere animals.
20141120 06:17 3dc ChiComs are launching spysats like candy lately: http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2014/11/long-march-2d-yaogan-weixing-24-china/
20141120 00:24 Skidmark Thanks TW.
20141120 00:15 trailing wife Deleted as requested, Skidmark. Thanks for the heads up.
20141120 00:08 Skidmark MODS:
I put a EBOLA duplicate in the posting hopper. Please delete it.
20141119 23:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Come to think of it, bits look like Mardi Gras.

20141119 20:17 3dc http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2014/11/crs-5-dragon-mission-iss-evaluating-december-target/
20141119 10:31 Shipman Snowy as long as you can stagger to the rail on a a bad Sunday morning and hammer down Creole Magix Morningstars you are of the body. The sweat after 3 will wash the sins away as well as most lice. You fur will soften and turn a whiter shade of ecru. You will be a new Thing.mready to roar at fate or take a marginal contract.
20141119 09:48 3dc From NASAspaceflight.com and after the Orbital explosion they are announcing NASA delaying the next SpaceX flight to ISS as NASA scrambles over the manifest to replace what they must.
OK, so L2 has the NET target now looking at the second half of December.

I'm not posting the NET date and back up dates in here (public) just yet as I did ask SpaceX and they said they don't have a firm NET just yet, so the new NETs may still change. SpaceX did say when they know for sure, they'll let us know.

Also remember, December 9 was always a planning date, one that became very much subject to change via the noted impact of NASA working out priority stuff to go uphill, following the loss of Cygnus CRS-3.

I'm posting the above at least, as I know a lot of people are planning on going to the launch and need to be aware if they are booking flights, etc.
20141119 01:35 Skidmark Fred's given the Oclub some more storage space, Ship. No carpet or curtains yet, so you get echos.
20141119 01:34 Skidmark Fred's given the Oclub some more storage space, Ship. No carpet or curtains yet, so you get echos.
20141119 01:02 Thing From Snowy Mountain
20141119 00:04 trailing wife Thank goodness for the British papers!
20141118 23:54 Pappy oops.
20141118 22:34 badanov Pappy: You misspelled palace.
20141118 22:17 Pappy Waiting to see if the wacko enviros burn down Mary's place in DC...
20141118 22:04 badanov Some Tuesday evening Puddle of Mudd:

20141118 21:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain
Is Ebola back in New York? FDNY arrives in Hazmat suits as woman who had 'recently traveled from West Africa drops dead in a hair salon with blood coming from her face, nose and mouth'

Is Ebola back in New York? FDNY arrives in Hazmat suits as woman who had 'recently traveled from West Africa drops dead in a hair salon with blood coming from her face, nose and mouth'

The FDNY activated their Special Operations and Hazmat units in response to a death in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon
A woman who dropped dead at Amy Professional Hair Braidig had blood 'coming from her face, nose and mouth' said an eyewitness
The woman had recently traveled from Guinea, and FDNY reported the event as a 'fever travel incident'
A worker at the Amy Professional Hair Braidig contacted on Tuesday evening said they were still open however, and it was 'business as normal'

There are new fears of a possible Ebola outbreak in New York City after a woman dropped dead on Tuesday afternoon.

FDNY activated the Special Operations and Hazmat units after the the woman, who had recently traveled from Guinea according to a source on the scene, died at Amy Professional African Hair Braidig in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn.

An eyewitness who saw the body said there was blood coming from her 'face, nose and mouth...'

...Meanwhile, members of FDNY could be seen carefully changing into Hazmat gear outside before heading into the establishment, for what they referred to as a 'fever travel illness.'

It had been reported in October that an FDNY memo instructed all personnel to use more vague terms when discussing Ebola, such as 'fever travel incident.'

20141118 21:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ship, I guess none of us in Loosiana are of the Body, but I guess they knew that already.
20141118 17:29 Shipman Weirdness in the lounge, but then I am repeat myself.
20141118 17:28 Shipman Vote on the keystone extension getting ready for a 5:30 est vote. Moons baby Mary is 'spinnin and 'splainin to the camera. That's CSPAN 2
20141118 17:27 Shipman Vote on the keystone extension getting ready for a 5:30 est vote. Moons baby Mary is 'spinnin and 'splainin to the camera.