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20151126 23:50 Skidmark Guess you don't need much counter-mortar tracking with that flare, Bad.
20151126 21:29 trailing wife Rudaw occasionally features a report on a foreign volunteer. I have occasionally posted them in the Burg.
20151126 21:07 Pappy I know of one private group that's sending trainers to the Kurds.

No doubt the FBI is getting info from when passports are applied for or renewed. It isn't that hard to see if the holder has had military service; maybe even a trigger if it's less than, say a five year break.

I also wonder if the Turks, the Sauds and the Emirates aren't liaising with the USG on Americans scheduled to fly in.
20151126 18:21 badanov After giving his flock a fiery, frightening sermon on the price and pain of sin, Brother Leon glared out over the congregation and asked,"Now tell me, Who among us loves sin?!" Slowly, a dainty hand on a small,frail arm was lifted into the air at the back of the church. Leon was dismayed to see that the hand belonged to the oldest member of his church, Miss Sarah Jane Cooper, all of 95 years old! "Sister Sarah Jane ! Why do you love Sin?" he gasped. The little old woman laughed and apologized,"I'm sorry preacher-I thought you said Gin."
20151126 16:52 badanov New mortar pic
20151126 15:56 Grunter Obama is in a pickle if Col. Girkin is correct.
20151126 15:21 newc I think the Rooshuns are going to help our Kurds.
20151126 14:25 badanov I do not think there is a unified field theory to all this news about US military fighting with the Kurds.
20151126 14:23 badanov A lot of moving parts. I know that some private contractors, ex spec ops, ex riflemen of some kind have gone to fight/train with the Kurds. They say that once they get there, it takes about 2 weeks for orientation and to be checked out before they get to the front, if they are fighting.

One fella said he was stopped by the FBI in Chicago, who took his body armor from him. He didn't know how they found out he was going to northern Syria/Iraq, but they did.

The Rooshuns would almost have to be keenly aware that some ex militaries were going to help the Kurds. We also know that some official spec ops had been sent ton the region to train and "evaluate". So they Rooshuns would have ton be aware of that as well.

So, at the moment I do not know where Col Girkin got his news, but I am monitoring now more than ever.
20151126 14:02 badanov In a few areas. But overall...
20151126 13:55 Shipman We can't have peeps freelancing without the CIC backing. This is getting crazy. I don't like this, not one little bit.

With all due respect to my good buddy Frank g,
.. (And the turbans Od course) nHillary will be a vast improvement. :(
20151126 13:50 Shipman ?
20151126 13:34 Pappy RT also mentioned the Turk convoy.
20151126 13:20 Pappy The question is whether it's against Mr. Obama's orders, or "against his orders."

The second question is, if true, whether it's under DOD or Klingon auspices.
20151126 11:08 badanov FSB Colonel Igor Girkin reports a US special forces team of about 50 operators entered Syria yesterday, with the intention of helping the Kurds, he says against Obama's orders.
20151126 11:05 badanov Things are getting interesting,
20151126 11:01 badanov Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko is saying the Rooshuns have bombed a Turkish humanitarian convoy, Dozen dead.
20151126 09:09 Pappy Greetings and Happy T'anksgiving from Hell With Saguaros.
20151126 04:22 Shipman Olde Doc Young, who is white will be there for brow beating the incouridgeablez guidance. Maybe John Frum and Seafarious will help me start a Cargo Cult based on THE SPOT. All things are possible with mushrooms with imagination and gin and time.
20151126 04:10 Shipman It's in the darkest part of the night I find comfort in Rantburg. I am giving consideration to opening a friendly parody site, I shall call it Runtberg. I will fill it with Sock-Puppets of all types and stripes. BadMan made me think of this with his gruesome Cheers remark. Muck4Doo, Lucky and Railing-Wife will be there, along with Frank C.,And The Bourbons, Fappy will drop in for the occasional frown-of doom. And Anemic Conspiracy will have a cameo or two. Tri-Tag of the Vultures will lend it class and WeirdEnuf will add glamours.
20151125 23:43 3dc https://twitter.com/michaelh992/status/669569656181694464/photo/1
20151125 19:31 badanov Sorry Walt. Your post was breaking the page.
20151125 19:30 badanov Re your Funk Hybrid 1955 ad that just popped up on the right side of this lounge, well, I went to high school just a few miles from Funk.
Funk is located
20151125 19:28 badanov Fallout 4 also has the Cheers bar. Norm and the postman both are there as skeletons as are Sam and the others, but the bar Cheers is still there, Gruesomely funny.
20151125 14:17 49 Pan So our bumbling mumbling president get up today and says not to worry, there are no credible threats against America. Yet the FBI and local authorities are on highest alert. Every time he says its under control all hell breaks loose. Hold on folks, gonna get interesting...
20151125 13:53 badanov Fallout 4 has a radio station that's part of the game, which plays a large number of classic tunes from the 1940s and 1950s. This youtube video is a compilation of the tracks. What follows is a list of the songs. Some real toe tappers:
Tracklist (Fallout 4 - The Diamond City Radio Songs):
0:00 A Wonderful Guy - Tex Beneke
1:56 Accentuate The Positive - Bing Crosby
4:39 Anything Goes - Cole Porter
7:53 Atom Bomb Baby - The Five Stars
10:11 Butcher Pete (Part 1) - Roy Brown
12:37 Butcher Pete (Part 2) - Roy Brown
15:25 Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo) - Danny Kaye
18:30 Crawl Out Through The Fallout - Sheldon Allman
20:51 Crazy He Calls Me - Billie Holiday
23:56 Dear Hearts and Gentle People - Bob Crosby
26:29 Easy Living - Billy Holiday
29:33 Good Rockin Tonight - Roy Brown
32:33 Grandma Plays The Numbers - Wynonie Harris
35:14 Happy Times - Bob Crosby
38:19 He's A Demon - Betty Hutton
41:33 I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire - The Ink Spots
44:37 Into Each Life - Ella Fitzgerald
47:47 It's A Man - Betty Hutton
50:13 It's All Over But the Crying - The Ink Spots
53:02 Keep A Knockin - Louis Jordan
55:32 Maybe - The Ink Spots
58:27 Mighty, Mighty Man - Roy Brown
01:01:04 One More Tomorrow - Frankie Carle
01:04:23 Orange Colored Sky - Nat King Cole
01:06:52 Personality - Johnny Mercer
01:09:42 Pistol Packin' Mama - Bing Crosby
01:12:42 Right Behind You Baby - Ray Smith
01:15:09 Rocket 69 - Connie Allen
01:17:55 Sixty Minute Man - Billy Ward And The Dominoes
01:20:25 The End of the World - Skeeter Davis
01:23:06 The Wanderer - Dion
01:25:57 Undecided - Ella Fitzgerald
01:29:15 Uranium Fever - Elton Britt
01:31:35 Uranium Rock - Warren Smith
01:33:42 Way Back Home - Bob Crosby
01:36:44 Whole Lotta Shakin Going On - Big Maybelle
01:39:30 Worry Worry Worry - The Three Suns

20151125 08:36 trailing wife The end of history will wait a bit longer, it appears. Turkey is making humble, conciliatory noises while Russia bounces rubble where yesterday Turkmen jihadis were foolishly triumphant. Russia is also taking other measures -- information posted in the Burg.
20151125 03:44 Shipman The last time I saw serious history was the Bush-Gore election. I was in the hospital for the first time in my life and I was wild to get the IV taken off and take up my camera (digital!) and go downtown to the capital. I didn't make it to the nurses station the first time :(. That entire 3 weeks drives me nuts, I should have been there.

That said we will be making pot roast for the end of the world dinner, maybe some white acre pea side dish. Then the Turkey deluge.

P.S. Thanks for yawls kind words, I am ready because Ich kann nicht ander. :)
20151125 01:24 SteveS Thinking good thoughts for Shipman and Fred while watching the wheels come off the 21st century. So how's that End of History thing working out for everybody?
20151124 16:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain Damn it, Vlad, don't let yourself get distracted by Turkey, find someone to bomb who's a major producer, damnit!
20151124 14:44 swksvolFF My best to Fred and Shipman.

I liked that tiny little car pulling that trailer. Off road even.
20151124 14:16 Shipman I loves me discomfort TW, it brings me morphine.


Yes, I am weak.
20151124 10:08 Grunter And all the best to Fred.
20151124 03:38 Skidmark For the politico targets

20151124 03:36 Skidmark Good animation
20151123 23:05 3dc Get well Fred.
20151123 23:04 3dc Spacecom of Israel loses contact w/ Amos 5, unsure why or whether can be repaired; insured $221M. Business-loss effect could be large.
20151123 20:58 Pappy G'luck, Ship.
20151123 19:50 trailing wife I know you will find unexpected pleasures amid the discomforts, Shipman. You're inspirational like that.

Separately, message from Gloria Pruitt at 5:10 pm ET:

"Fred is home. Pretty wiped out but glad to be out of hospital."
20151123 18:59 3dc Ouch
20151123 17:38 Grunter Good luck Shipman.
20151123 16:31 Shipman Well kids, the spot in my right lung is no longer in evidence.mnext week Gamma knife for the left, I am sanguine about the outcome.
20151123 12:42 swksvolFF Thanks for the help Trailing Wife.
20151123 00:13 3dc Near Funk during the Korean War sabotage caused a train of ammo to blow up here 40.489147, -99.037200
20151122 23:40 Pappy I doubt it Pappy. Our President is an ill educated, bad mannered, spoiled twat.

It's not so much Mr. Obama as his 'people'. And I wouldn't put it past him and them to pull something like that.
20151122 21:36 swksvolFF Returned, thank you.
20151122 20:17 trailing wife swksvolFF: email seen, response sent.
20151122 20:08 3dc Something bad obviously happened but mouths appear tight.
20151122 20:07 3dc
20151122 19:28 swksvolFF Nevermind, sent, kids allowed me a minute.
20151122 19:22 swksvolFF Sure, let me get the kids to bed, couple hours.
20151122 18:39 trailing wife swksvolFF, I have a comment, but the O Club will not let me post it. If you could send me an email to jssawicki at gmail dot com, I would be grateful.
20151122 16:02 Shipman I doubt it Pappy. Our President is an ill educated, bad mannered, spoiled twat.
20151122 15:56 swksvolFF Re-submitted; Fall Cleaning chores.
If it isn't up to Rantburg standards or I'm tracking mud onto the carpet, let me know, I'm sure there is plenty to do without having to babysit me.
20151122 14:13 3dc mildly interesting tech testimony
20151122 12:18 Pappy I wonder if Mr. Fernandez ever considered (aside from hiring an editor) the possibility that upending the international order was intentional.
20151122 12:15 Pappy wretchard:

The phrase "Vietnam" came to symbolize a "public aversion to American overseas miltary involvements" after Lyndon Johnson failed to beat Ho Chi Minh. Until Ronald Reagan it was an article of Washington political wisdom that 'Vietnams' were to be avoided. But the ghost of Vietnam had not been permanently exorcised. It returned with a vengeance in the 2008 Obama administration under the new name of the "don't do stupid sh*t".

"Don’t do stupid sh*t" was a synonym for "I'm not going to get trapped in a Vietnam". However you could get into Vietnam by backing into it. The administration's greatest weakness was failing to realize that inaction was also policy. Imagine the administration's horror then when after studied inaction, they heard a foreign policy crisis wailing in this distance which refused to go away. "Vietnam" may be the name of the monster knocking on the Oval Office door.

The intellectual source of the administration's problem lies in their failure to understand in what a "Vietnam" actually consists. It does not necessarily refer to any random overseas commitment, but to any progressively failing security policy from which there is no exit. Inaction expanded Obama's security dilemma to the point where he is in a bigger quagmire than Lyndon Johnson ever was. He is in a kind of Vietnam. Obama has put the entire international order at risk by forgetting that it rested upon active stability. You had to fly it like a plane, not simply fold your arms and refuse to do "stupid sh*t". The most lasting contribution of Barack Obama to history may be to retire the phrase "Vietnam syndrome" from the lexicon and replace it with a single new word: "Obama." It's a genuine claim to fame though perhaps not quite the immortality the administration hoped it would be remembered for.
20151122 11:42 Dale OS and Moose were interesting. Both I believe had medical backgrounds. They added a special seasoning to the base. OH, I have been stepped on a time or two. I however have a thick hide. This PC business can take too much away from exchanges. I enjoy Trump also because he is so direct. It has been my experience that these people often clear the air and generally provide direction for others to consider. The boldness and self confidence are welcome now and then. Seafarious was one before my time here. I am curious about that one. I can tell she(?) is missed.
20151122 11:01 Shipman A long, long, long, time ago me and my SO of the time got a good deal on a truck-load of tightly baled Timothy hay, we paid like a buck fifty per bale when it was going for 3 and a quarter locally. Our two small barns were jammed with the stuff. lol and behold there came a local hay shortage over the winter. We started selling it for 6, 7 and 8!a bale. Then it really got tight, we got offers for 9.50 a bale! Donna looked at the horses, looked at the hay, ran her crazy calculator and announced, 9.50 a bale, all we have. So um, Donna, what about the horses? $ $1.75/ lb.

I started to distance myself at that point.
20151122 10:15 swksvolFF A real pain if they catch fire.

I did a Books post but my internet was funny, did it not go through, or was it thumbs down?