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20151003 23:19 Dale Bad, Patrick finished his book. I suggested E Books?. He is old school perhaps. Thinking about printing. Proof read and data checked. Ready to go.
20151003 22:50 badanov Holy Sh*t! Gators beat Ole Miss!
20151003 19:49 badanov Which means that anyone who is in Donetsk and Lugansk with anything other than a Russian passport will likely be stuck there for the duration.

20151003 19:47 badanov Russian Reserve FSB Colonel Igor Girkin said today that Putin is preparing to turn over Donetsk and Lugansk back to the Ukrainians, and hang the rebels out to dry.
20151003 19:13 Shipman Ole Miss can only be described as Faulknarian good, not just winning but persevering. Yes, I am a fan. Let' us all go to Oxford in October to see a sample of what gawd has promised us all.
20151003 18:30 badanov Also: Derrick Henry is a f*cking beast.
20151003 18:30 badanov Old Miss must really be good.
20151003 17:56 Deacon Blues 31 to 3
20151003 17:33 Deacon Blues Alabama is beating the snot out of Georgia.
20151003 15:57 badanov Looks like the Rooshuns are already using their brand spanking new SU-34 bombers in Syria.
20151003 15:19 Dale Patrick stopped in and shared this information.Krupt Bells were the beginning of the Krupt barrels as on the Bismark. Operation Cobra had the Germans destroying one of their new tiger tanks because they thought it was one of the Allies. When they looked inside the fellows had German uniforms on---oops!. General Patton had a 357 and a 45 that he wore all the time. One facing opposite the other. He went to get a haircut and refused to remove his special made holster and guns. He had his two snow white German shepherds with him and they sat on either side of him. Barber had to work with him. No changing his mind. He got shot in the butt when he went after poncho via. When the Bismark sank the Hood they hit the magazine right off in center of the ship. Shell came down dead center and the ship looked like a V as it sank. ‎HMS Prince of Wales sank with only three Zero's attacking it. Patrick wants to find a tank and refurbish it. He has a 67 Shelby now restored. German's had narrow rails so the Tiger being 12 wide and 9 feet high, 20 foot barrel and 70,000 lbs about weight was a challenge. They removed tread to transport. Treads followed behind each tank.
20151003 14:47 Dale AH October !!

20151003 12:27 badanov Sorry Skid.
20151003 12:27 badanov F150 fights back!
20151003 10:21 BrerRabbit http://adventurecrunch.com/ride-along-an-insane-motorcycle-race-through-the-streets/

I was worn out watching this.
20151002 19:53 Shipman Stay here AB this place is empty without you.
20151002 19:52 Shipman Is waving a three iron about an event? If so I have had several many, makes my blood broil even now. Don't get me started on the putter, I fixed it's but good. Ha! So there!
20151002 17:53 Dale All seem to have been prescribed anti depressants. Now with pot use more likely to have triggered mental events. Family history 1 in 10 chances but with pot 2 in five chances of mental event. A cascade of random events in the future and none if it good.
20151002 14:35 Dave D. The real travesty, Deacon, is that dimwits like that are allowed to vote. IMO that's the main reason we ended up with Obunko in the White House...
20151001 18:44 Jan Here we go again with Obama using the horrific school shooting in Oregon to attack gun rights.
20151001 15:17 Deacon Blues 911 "truther" meme again on Facebook. The 2 planes that hit the twin towers were flying faster than their maximum speed at 700 feet so therefore they were military planes modified to look like 767's.
20150930 21:12 badanov Rooshun language press supposedly have fotos of the weapons seized.
20150930 20:45 Pappy Said fishing craft supposedly was carrying weaponry.
20150930 19:14 badanov The Saudi Arab coalition has seized an Iranian fishing boat and 14 sailors.
20150930 17:26 Skidmark Those empty fields won't make any more trouble.
20150930 16:40 Shipman First part looked like a barrage or dawg help us cluster booms.
20150930 16:22 badanov From the Rooshun ministry of defense, gun camera footage of the first of the air strike. I s'pect the video will get better as time goes on.

20150930 11:03 trailing wife Happy to see you, Dave D!

It seems to me the president's foreign (and domestic) policy problem is that the world outside his head exists.
20150930 07:28 Shipman Greetings AB.
And agree.

Type here moar.
20150930 00:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain I give up. G'night.
20150930 00:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain Huh, the anti-magic word is Stephen?
20150930 00:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain Green on _______: "You know, 30 or 40 years ago a KGB officer like Putin would have recruited a lefty college schmuck like Obama. Oh, wait..."
20150930 00:46 Thing From Snowy Mountain can't post what I'm trying to post. damnit.
20150930 00:45 Thing From Snowy Mountain testing one two three
20150929 23:00 3dc With AB on that analysis.
20150929 19:00 badanov Russian SU-34 bombers have been deployed to Latakia, Syria.
20150929 13:35 Dave D. I'm no longer willing to ascribe noble motives to Obama, on ANYTHING. Anymore, "deliberately, knowingly destructive" is my default explanation for whatever he does.
20150928 23:49 Pappy There's so much I could poke at in Mr. Seib's article. Suffice it to say that I think he gives Mr.Obama and his people way more noble motives than they actually possess.
20150928 23:47 Pappy One from Gerald F. Seib:

Every president, it seems, gets one foreign-policy problem from hell — and that hangs over the presidential legacy. For President Barack Obama, it’s increasingly clear that his problem is Syria. Syria’s war rages on, 4 1/2 years after it began and two years after Mr. Obama made a conscious decision not to get directly involved. Since then, the conflict has spawned a growing Islamic extremist army, opened the door to establishment of Islamic State and touched off an international refugee crisis. It isn’t clear, of course, how much, if any, of this calamitous situation could have been prevented with more direct American intervention. Clearly, though, Mr. Obama’s gamble that the U.S. could steer Syria toward a better outcome without having to intervene directly hasn’t worked. The crucial moment came in the late summer of 2013, when Mr. Obama walked to the edge of ordering American airstrikes in Syria in retaliation for the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons, and then backed away.

That fateful decision reflected many of the changes Mr. Obama has tried to bring to America’s strategic approach to international affairs. In part, it grew out of a belief that America was weary of intervention in the Middle East. In part it reflected a conviction that a new model could be—indeed, had to be—found in which the U.S. could help steer events without resorting reflexively to military action. It also reflected a belief that the American foreign policy agenda needed to shift away from endless entanglements in the Middle East to focus more on the problems of tomorrow: the rising importance of Asia, international cooperation on climate change, economic globalization. Embedded in the decision was a desire for America’s allies, particularly those in the region, to step up to resolve their own problems. The decision represented a calculation that a distant problem could remain exactly that—distant—and that it wouldn’t reach America’s shores.

Now the original goal of getting rid of Mr. Assad without letting Islamic State fill the vacuum is evaporating. Increasingly, it appears U.S. policy is faltering on both counts. Perhaps the increasingly active involvement of Russia and France may mean the hope for an international coalition to stop Islamic State is finally, belatedly being realized. But America’s ability to steer events is diminished and Iran’s influence in Syria persists. Maybe those results were inevitable, or maybe the lesson is that America, whether it likes it or not, remains the one indispensable power.
20150928 21:32 badanov So, on to something we can do something about:

Fayesh Kahbur Campaign: CDF versus ISIS

The far northwestern edge of the map is the entry point for an ISIS motorized rifle battalion operating in the region. The unit consists of one full leg rifle company, one combined motorized rifle/technicals company and one T-55 tank company (nine tanks total). The ISIS commander is planning a number of incursions south for the purpose of collecting tribute, recruits and exacting revenge from non cooperative individual village leaders. In order to secure those operations, the ISIS units must advance south to the line Neimya (No Name), The Heights and the Oil Refinery.

On the opposite side of the river is the Iraqi area of operation, patrols of which are mostly light infantry, mostly local levies. Iraqi aircraft will not travel into the western side of the river owing to the fact the ISIS unit has large numbers of advanced MANPADs, so air support of any kind is out of the question.

The western side of the river is the area of operation of a Chernarus (CDF) BTR rifle/tank group, with forces conisting of four BTR-60 rifle squads, one Pchela drone unit and two T-72 platoons. A resupply/replenishment platoon also is available consisting of two BRDM-2 scout cars, two ammo trucks, two fuel trucks and an ambulance. A Chernarus spetsnaz squad also is available including 2 Mi-17 helos.

The player's (commander's) BTR squad has one AT-4 Fagot missile launcher with five reloads.

The ISIS commander will assign the light rifle company to go to Neimya, along with between 0 and 6 T-55s. Between 0 and 3 T-55s will be assigned to go to The Heights along with between 0 and 1 rifle/technicals platoon. Between 0 and 2 rifle/technicals platoon will be assigned to take over the Oil Refinery. Their operations can begin anytime day or night, and in any weather.

The CDF commander's plan is to hit the ISIS line starting with Neimya, smashing ISIS armor and infantry, then advance east and roll up the ISIS front from the west. The other three BTR squads will advance on the Oil Refinery and The Heights as circumstances permit.

I have run this scenario once, attacking Neimya without any armor (the CDF tanks were setting up near The Heights and the Oil Refinery) when I realized that ISIS armor would not be arriving. About one third through the advance, ISIS armor did appear. Whilst trying to set up the AT-4, an ISIS tank commander took notice, took offense, and took my life, in that order thus ending the scenario with a victory for the Bad Guys. The drone was shot down early in the game, so I was not able to ascertain whether the tanks were even coming. Found out the hard way.

Map can be seen here.
20150928 21:14 badanov The Chinese are not squeamish about deploying their navy. They deployed a three ship task force during the S0mali pirate crisis, and they made sure the whole world knew it.

A CVBG deployment is a big commitment, and something the PLAN would not hesitate to announce.

Dunno where the report came from though, but it doesn't matter.
20150928 21:01 Pappy Came up with this:

Chinese military expert rejected reports about Chinese aircraft carrier allegedly on its way to Syria

But it's the Russian press citing a Chinese news article, so who knows.
20150928 16:47 3dc Somebody care to slightly vet this before I post?
20150928 12:35 3dc really think the Mars bit is a PR push for SLS.
20150928 08:47 Pappy Heh.
20150928 07:58 Shipman Strunk & White: Grammar Police