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20151201 01:06 Skidmark You guys aren't talking about Electronic Dance Music?
20151201 01:02 Skidmark Bad, drop a observation/cargo blimp on it. The aluminized mylar fabric of the bag will rebound the RADAR pulses causing a mini-EMP event.
ZSUs run and shoot pretty quick. Be like trying to water balloon a jack russell terriorist.
20151201 00:56 Skidmark Glenmore, rain makes the trails easier to find. Maybe she needs a speargun? Now at least you know where the water flows so you can build your upper and lower ag ponds for the water turbine.
20151201 00:52 badanov The best SEAD aircraft for the Chernarusians was the MiG-21, hands down. It was small, durable and fast, and one pair set against a ZU-23/2 would guarantee the gun would be destroyed.

Now, not even advanced fighters such as the F/A-18E can effectively kill an AA gun such as the ZU-23/2.

If I have any hope of taking down an air defense node that includes ZU-23/2s, I will be forced to use special forces to eliminate the gunner.
20151130 22:13 badanov Going to argue the customer is better dealing his vendor, and we are the rubes of honor, plus the machine work we would do would be a fraction of the total cost.

Some deals are so good they deserve being walked away from.
20151130 22:12 badanov I think we're going to no bid it. The material alone is USD $6,000, the last bid we had for the EDM work was USD $6,000+ and the heat treating was USD $300.

20151130 21:22 Thing From Snowy Mountain Anyway, going home and away from the net.
20151130 21:22 Thing From Snowy Mountain if I try to type aye dee dee arr eee ess ess it rejects me.
20151130 21:21 Thing From Snowy Mountain mail network location
20151130 21:21 Thing From Snowy Mountain I just mailed his contact info to your gru
20151130 21:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain Badanov: I have a friend here who would probably gladly bid on EDM work.
20151130 20:58 badanov Houston is slow. We sent a bid for some EDM work to a company there two weeks ago, and it took them three weeks to no bid it because they were all on 20 hours work week.
20151130 20:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain I'm also looking at moving to New Orleans or Houston to work, based on where I can scrounge up crash space.
20151130 20:23 Thing From Snowy Mountain Lafayette in particular is kinda dead. Ima keep studying to see if it'll help me find werk, I'm doing the MIT python/beginning programming course, and updating my mac's OS so I can maybe install autodesk fusion and do the tutorials.

20151130 20:22 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, now you'll be fodder for all the "Big Oil ADMITS the reality of climate change, deniers!" shills.

Deacon: congratulations on the nupital bliss.

My job search continues. The Allfield is kinda dead atm.
20151130 16:09 Shipman Skid I never thought they'd get that rocket to work. Very impressive work.
20151130 11:27 Glenmore And congratulations, Mr. Northington.
20151130 11:26 Glenmore I'm starting to believe this climate change stuff - since we got our land in NE Texas it has become clearer. Never stopped raining March through May, then not a drop until the end of October, now non-stop rain again. As long as the deer have SCUBA gear they are safe from my huntress wife.
20151130 07:25 Skidmark Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
20151130 00:35 trailing wife You did indeed, swksvolFF. That's a steep learning curve you're climbing.

Sherry! :-)
20151129 21:27 Sherry Added happiness
20151129 21:27 Sherry Deacon, does the heart good to hear of your marriage
20151129 21:24 Sherry Test
20151129 20:50 swksvolFF Congrats Deacon; sounds like a good life.

Put a Books entry in for tomorrow (I think) or whenever. Busy. I think what figure skating needs is an event where they carry a 12 pound, hot, sloshy, cooking dish.
20151129 18:36 Shipman Lulz, Deacon better keep an air-mattress in the barn.

Still, wonderful news, I gotta hunch this will work out just fine.

I think yawls need a parrot, they are great company in the barn.
20151129 17:20 Pappy Ah Deacon, so your schtuff is already in the barn :)
20151129 15:06 Dale Sounds like you'll be needing plans. You've got a good start. Noah had plans you know. :)
20151129 14:42 Pappy Armenia has had issues with the Turks; this might be matter of giving the Turks a headache on their eastern borders.
20151129 14:41 Pappy If it's Thrace, then it sounds like the Turks are going to create a buffer zone in NW Syria. If not, the the other possibles are them going after PKK, or hitting YPG territory in Syria.

A remote chance is them going into IS territory; that might also explain the bridging units.
20151129 14:26 badanov Plus, both sides are starting up the shooting anew in Donetsk.

Good times, good times.
20151129 14:14 badanov Surprised so far there hasn't been a general callup, yet.
20151129 14:12 badanov Now, they're saying the Russians are moving its 58th Army from the North Caucasus Military District to Armenia, a total of 7,000 troops, rough equivalent to two combat brigades.

The 58th Army was the main operational component to Russian operations in Chechnya.
20151129 14:06 badanov Things are going to get really, really interesting in Syria.

Rooshuns are saying Turkey has redeployed one of its field armies in preparation for attack into Syria. About 1K pieces of heavy equipment including tans artillery and vehicles

One commenter said: Reported to redeploy (from Thrace) to the borders of Syria, about a quarter of all the forces of the Turkish 1st Army. Lots of engineering equipment for river crossings.

Usually for most armies, bridging equipment are assets kept close to commanders, and it may be only GHQ units are moving to the border.
20151129 14:00 Deacon Blues AP knows. She doesn't play an instrument.he did in High School but quit after graduation. She's a horse person like me. Between us we have a menagerie, 3 horses, 2 donkeys, a mini-mule, 6 dogs, 8 cats, 3 goats, and 10 chickens.
20151129 08:48 Dale
20151129 08:29 Dale Deacon that is truly good news. I'm happy for you. I think AP would want to know this. He's been a bit scarce since his trip to Reykjavik Iceland.
A good woman is hard to find these days as is a good man. Does she play an instrument?. Ah, now there would be some good times. https://youtu.be/AaPa6NspXuI?list=RDAaPa6NspXuI
20151128 16:03 Deacon Blues It stopped being a secret when my attorney walked in the office while we were filling out the license. She just doesn't want it all over Facebook. Pappy, I like the barn. Smells like hay and horses.
20151128 13:04 Mike N. Sounds like Trailing Daughter #2 has had a very big year.

Who said Facebook wasn't good for anything.
20151128 12:05 trailing wife Shipman, I don't know if prayers work, but you are in mine. My darling mother-in-law claims hers always do, but she got me, which is as good a precautionary tale about being careful what you pray for as any I can think of.
20151128 12:00 BrerRabbit Not a secret anymore DB. Congrats.
20151128 10:29 Pappy No big deal

Wait until your schtuff ends up in the barn...
20151128 10:21 badanov Some Saturday morning George Strait

20151128 07:46 Deacon Blues Morning, All. I'll give you the skinny on Minnie. Janet and I met at Tractor, I mean Auburn, University in 1975. We were best friends until we both finished and went our separate ways. We lost contact in 84 and regained it 3 years ago when we found each other on Facebook. We live 1 1/2 hours apart. It just seemed like we had been apart for only a short time. We aren't getting any younger so we decided to go ahead and get married. No big deal.
20151128 05:15 Shipman Damn, sorry.
20151128 05:15 Shipman Also thanks Pappy. I have been repeating Luther over and over (along wit Leslie Gore) these past few days. Ich kann nicht ander. Along with the somewhat frightening Dawg mit uns belt buckle motto of the Bundeswahr K-9er Corpse.

20151128 04:36 Shipman Waiting for dawn, or Lisa, whatever.

I am still bemused (that's Yankee for tickled pink) by DB. A little bit bit of compass correction has been restored, or something. Maybe the planets SINS (ships inertia navigation system) have been realigned.
20151128 04:30 Shipman Lulz SkidM, icwutudidthar!
20151128 00:44 Skidmark I wonder when the baddies are going to pull a USA Cole speedboat on a Med cruise ship.
20151128 00:40 Skidmark Shipman, that Italian shotgun I ordered for you might not make it by Christmas.
20151128 00:15 trailing wife According to Drudge, 97% of Americans don't care about climate change.

Mike N., I'm well, if a bit frazzled. Thank you for asking. Trailing daughter #2 graduated from university and got married at the beginning if the summer, then was transferred to Dallas by her new employer at the end if the September. So Mr. wife and I, and the young man's parents, spent the summer helping the kids get Young Man's house ready for sale. The kids have acquired a great many skills they hadn't realized they were going to need. At Rantburg, Fred's been recovering from surgery, and Besoeker joined the ranks of the moderators. Oh, and we have a resident poet laureate now, which is great fun.

20151127 21:31 Pappy Speaking of ice storms:

Only four countries now have majorities in favour of their governments setting ambitious targets at a global conference in Paris. In a similar poll before the Copenhagen meeting in 2009, eight countries had majorities favouring tough action.

The number rating climate change as a very serious issue in richer countries declined significantly from 2009, while support for strong action at the Paris conference has only grown in three of the 20 countries polled.

Canada, France, Spain and the UK are the only four with majorities in favour of their governments taking a leading role.
20151127 21:23 badanov Trip to the rifle range scrubbed on account of an ice storm.
20151127 21:09 Pappy S'okay, Ship.
20151127 20:11 Mike N. Best lyrics I've heard all day.
20151127 19:57 Shipman Welp, it wasn't the end of the world, but after the loss of the su-24, and the sudden the marriage of DBlues, reappearances of AB, DD and Mike, it damn sure gives us a nice rehearsal of the end times. Anyone need a Lucky?

BTW you may have noticed my posting style is a bit off, sorry.

Oh well, yeah,, I do need an auxiliary dawg, I tried to steal a kittuah this PM, no success, my calling and stalking skill set have atrophied badly.

Posting crazy is my way of dealing with fear.
20151127 19:47 Pappy All that for the last few lyrics. Sheesh.
20151127 19:46 Pappy
20151127 19:44 Shipman Mike! I am in brutal war with NPO, come home immediately!

Also: how the hell are ya buddy?

Heh Dave D.
That's all,
Dave D. Heh. :)
20151127 19:18 Deacon Blues Wondering eyes. Sheesh!
20151127 19:18 Deacon Blues But what to my wandering eyes should appear, but 10 extra pounds on hips, thighs, and rear.
20151127 18:51 Mike N. http://www.thelocal.se/20151127/14000-illegal-immigrants-disappear-without-trace
20151127 18:48 Mike N. I never was any good at posting articles.


20151127 18:36 Mike N. Dinner tonight will be the doctor-unnaproved Jimmy Dean-enhaced Stop Top stuffing accompanied by burgers. Burgers have no bun in order to make rooom for more cheddar.

The side dish is deviled eggs made with vinegar, mustard and creamy horseradish topped with table onion.

I hope nobody was looking to eat healthy after Thanksgiving.
20151127 18:21 Mike N. Been very good, TW. I hope you can say the same?

It's funny to see your reaction to Dave D. I saw the name and thought, I wonder when he started coming back around.
20151127 17:24 trailing wife Mike N and Dave D?? My cup runneth over! Gentlemen, be very welcome. How have you been?
20151127 15:22 Dave D. Congratulations, Deacon!!
20151127 14:54 Mike N. Then you got married just in time!
20151127 14:39 Deacon Blues Thank you all, but after 21 years of being a bachelor we have everything we need. We've known each other for 40 years and been Best Friends for most of that time. It seemed the thing to do at the time. We won't regret it. She's a certified nursing assistant so when I get feeble in a few years I have someone to take care of me.
20151127 13:48 Mike N. What the hell is it with Tennessee? They have a Lebanon, and now I learn they also have a Persia?

Anyplace else there DHS should be aware of?

Also, Deacon do you need a Crock-Pot to go with the mixer?
20151127 13:09 Shipman Awesome Deacon! Do you need a mixer?
20151127 12:48 trailing wife Heartiest congratulations, Deacon Blues!
20151127 12:04 badanov I guess Col. Girkin's information wasn't so far off after all.
20151127 11:49 badanov A moment of silence for a fallen brother.

Congrats, DB
20151127 10:08 Deacon Blues LOL, Pappy. Thanks.
20151127 09:55 Pappy um, congrats?
20151127 09:33 Deacon Blues Morning, All. I has a Bombshell to beat all Bombshells to reveal this morning. My Sweetheart and I ran off and got married this past Monday morning. No one at the Courthouse will perform a wedding anymore because they don't want to perform same-sax weddings so we went to the Persia General Store in Persia, Tennessee. Pictures will be posted at a later date.
20151126 23:50 Skidmark Guess you don't need much counter-mortar tracking with that flare, Bad.
20151126 21:29 trailing wife Rudaw occasionally features a report on a foreign volunteer. I have occasionally posted them in the Burg.
20151126 21:07 Pappy I know of one private group that's sending trainers to the Kurds.

No doubt the FBI is getting info from when passports are applied for or renewed. It isn't that hard to see if the holder has had military service; maybe even a trigger if it's less than, say a five year break.

I also wonder if the Turks, the Sauds and the Emirates aren't liaising with the USG on Americans scheduled to fly in.
20151126 18:21 badanov After giving his flock a fiery, frightening sermon on the price and pain of sin, Brother Leon glared out over the congregation and asked,"Now tell me, Who among us loves sin?!" Slowly, a dainty hand on a small,frail arm was lifted into the air at the back of the church. Leon was dismayed to see that the hand belonged to the oldest member of his church, Miss Sarah Jane Cooper, all of 95 years old! "Sister Sarah Jane ! Why do you love Sin?" he gasped. The little old woman laughed and apologized,"I'm sorry preacher-I thought you said Gin."
20151126 16:52 badanov New mortar pic
20151126 15:56 Grunter Obama is in a pickle if Col. Girkin is correct.
20151126 15:21 newc I think the Rooshuns are going to help our Kurds.
20151126 14:25 badanov I do not think there is a unified field theory to all this news about US military fighting with the Kurds.
20151126 14:23 badanov A lot of moving parts. I know that some private contractors, ex spec ops, ex riflemen of some kind have gone to fight/train with the Kurds. They say that once they get there, it takes about 2 weeks for orientation and to be checked out before they get to the front, if they are fighting.

One fella said he was stopped by the FBI in Chicago, who took his body armor from him. He didn't know how they found out he was going to northern Syria/Iraq, but they did.

The Rooshuns would almost have to be keenly aware that some ex militaries were going to help the Kurds. We also know that some official spec ops had been sent ton the region to train and "evaluate". So they Rooshuns would have ton be aware of that as well.

So, at the moment I do not know where Col Girkin got his news, but I am monitoring now more than ever.
20151126 14:02 badanov In a few areas. But overall...
20151126 13:55 Shipman We can't have peeps freelancing without the CIC backing. This is getting crazy. I don't like this, not one little bit.

With all due respect to my good buddy Frank g,
.. (And the turbans Od course) nHillary will be a vast improvement. :(
20151126 13:50 Shipman ?
20151126 13:34 Pappy RT also mentioned the Turk convoy.
20151126 13:20 Pappy The question is whether it's against Mr. Obama's orders, or "against his orders."

The second question is, if true, whether it's under DOD or Klingon auspices.
20151126 11:08 badanov FSB Colonel Igor Girkin reports a US special forces team of about 50 operators entered Syria yesterday, with the intention of helping the Kurds, he says against Obama's orders.
20151126 11:05 badanov Things are getting interesting,
20151126 11:01 badanov Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko is saying the Rooshuns have bombed a Turkish humanitarian convoy, Dozen dead.
20151126 09:09 Pappy Greetings and Happy T'anksgiving from Hell With Saguaros.
20151126 04:22 Shipman Olde Doc Young, who is white will be there for brow beating the incouridgeablez guidance. Maybe John Frum and Seafarious will help me start a Cargo Cult based on THE SPOT. All things are possible with mushrooms with imagination and gin and time.
20151126 04:10 Shipman It's in the darkest part of the night I find comfort in Rantburg. I am giving consideration to opening a friendly parody site, I shall call it Runtberg. I will fill it with Sock-Puppets of all types and stripes. BadMan made me think of this with his gruesome Cheers remark. Muck4Doo, Lucky and Railing-Wife will be there, along with Frank C.,And The Bourbons, Fappy will drop in for the occasional frown-of doom. And Anemic Conspiracy will have a cameo or two. Tri-Tag of the Vultures will lend it class and WeirdEnuf will add glamours.