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20161028 12:36 Shipman Did that tree ask to be bled?

I am here to represent those trees who cannot speak for themselves. Who gave those white guys in heavyweight (albeit one must admire the taste) flannel plaids the right to suck out the vital essences of Vermonts finest firm tree resources. We've all seen these Tom Poston wannabes on a Bright Saturday morning, raping our precious sugar maples and stealing their SAP. This will not and cannot stand, I am chaining a turtle to an un-named potential victim tree. If all the syruping not stop by tomorrow, I cannot be held responsible for the death of the reptile, which although your 3rd rate Alabama skools may not have told you, are cold blooded creatures, much like GW BusHitler. Which means it's gonna die because of you!
20161028 10:48 Shipman Seems appropriate. Except lawyers in Venezuela are like the proverbial tits on a hawg.
20161027 23:41 Pappy

Just Becuz.
20161027 19:50 Shipman Poo poo really hitting the prop I Venezuela. Coppers outside Empressa Polar, the last working food chain. End of beer is neigh.

20161027 19:25 badanov The Malhuer Seven have been found not guilty.
20161027 00:26 Pappy wretchard:

Ross Douthat has a thoughtful and well-written article [NYT] titled What the Right’s Intellectuals Did Wrong. In it he tries to explain why conservative intellectuals lost control of American populism and consequently why Donald Trump rose. The first problem, he argues, was that conservative intellectuals had no institutional base within "the 'managerial class' — the largely liberal meritocrats who staff our legal establishment, our bureaucracy, our culture industries, our universities." To make up for this weakness, conservatives had to fraternize with the great unwashed without being of it themselves. Yet despite this pretense to leadership, when the crisis came the Republican and conservative intellectuals were unceremoniously dumped. This is, Douthat reasons further, because conservatives showed no marked superiority in competence over liberals, except that they promised less and delivered less. Their programs, so often carried out half-heartedly in the past, smacked more of pious intention than actual intent.

There is much in Douthat's argument, but there are a few things lacking. One thing he neglected to mention is intellectual conservatives failed to take their own ideas seriously. Although conservatives were sympathetic to Bill Buckley's famous aphorism "I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University," they still wanted to be faculty members of Harvard University. The fact was there was less difference between the rival factions of the elite than there was between them collectively and the unwashed. Under those cirumstances it was the clash between those inside of the Castle and those outside -- not the one between Republicans and Democrats -- which would be primary.

Douthat searches without conviction for a way back. He despairs of finding a path, however hard he tries. The difficulty arises from the fact that there may be no way back, which his mind recognizes, though his heart does not. Once again the great danger is not one of a failure of ideas, but of an unwillingness to take those ideas seriously. Is the system in a crisis? Perhaps we already know the answer, only we simply can't face it. It may be as Ronald Reagan once put it in a different context, 'a time choose'. Are you inside the Castle or storming it? The essential thing that every man must grasp about Trump is the reason it's him who is leading the escalade is primarily because it's not someone else.
20161026 19:49 Pappy Not drafting Professor Warren was a good idea

Well, yes. If one is an Establishment Democrat.
20161026 17:25 3dc http://blog.dilbert.com/post/152293480726/the-bully-party
20161026 00:10 trailing wife Whoops, that last was me.
20161026 00:09 Visitor ***SPAM?*** One has to wonder if Bernie wasn't brought in as a stalking horse, to suck the air out of a "draft Elizabeth Warren" campaign.

Not drafting Professor Warren was a good idea.

Shipman, I promise not to shout "RINO!" at anyone next time around, but as I haven't in the past, it probably won't help.

Interesting song, badanov -- I like quiet intensity -- but that video might set off some epileptics.
20161025 20:12 badanov Some Tuesday evening Nothing But Thieves:

20161024 20:04 Pappy One has to wonder if Bernie wasn't brought in as a stalking horse, to suck the air out of a "draft Elizabeth Warren" campaign. The idea being that he'd fade as the primary season passed and transfer his momentum and youthful/leftist voters to the Clinton campaign.

It would seem that way, because Bernie never went after HRC or her supporters, like a true primary 'socialist' candidate would.

Then when he became too popular and the momentum threatened the game, the DNC/Clinton campaign shut him down and paid him off.
20161024 19:56 Abu do you love well, i'll be dipped.

20161024 19:55 Abu do you love Having trouble seeing yesterdays content on the 'burg.

I even reset my cookie...

Maybe I messed it up somehow.
20161024 15:59 Shipman Whistling past the graveyard. Time to tighten up and look two years up. If possible LOL maybe we can get by our labels just this once.?
20161024 12:48 Deacon Blues I have seen around here anger at Bernie from his supporters that he was bought off and is now shilling for Hillary. "We believed him".
20161024 10:56 trailing wife The polls will soon reflect more accurate results nearer the election.

It depends on the purpose of the polls, Dale. Related to the latest numbers, Drudge is linking to a very interesting ZeroHedge post. It seems a certain Mr. Podesta had very detailed instructions about exactly how to oversample media polls to get the desired results both nationally and in each state. I've seen talk that, like Brexit, the polls might not reflect actual voter behaviour on election day -- this increases the probability that they do not.

And my Bernista friends claim it was one of their own who donated the DNC files to WikiLeaks, not Russia.
20161024 09:42 Thing From Snowy Mountain I think Craig Binky, uh, Rupert Murdoch is in the tank with Her.
20161024 08:56 Thing From Snowy Mountain Actually I dislike what I hear on fox news these days.
20161024 08:27 Deacon Blues I, too, get the "stop watching Fox News" from liberals. I tell them I haven't watched any network news in 10 years and they need to stop drinking the Liberal Media Kool-Aid and do some actual research. It really pissed them off and they resort to insults like all good "Progressives" do.
20161023 20:40 Visitor ***SPAM?*** Bad, a rule change at the state level kept me from voting for Cruz in the primary, but I still wanna deck that poster.
20161023 19:22 badanov From a Facebook thread:

Sorry, not true. Stop trying to run from the truth and blame opther for your errors. Trump is a loser and campaigned horribly - even if every one of the NeverTrump people came over, its not enough to make a difference - the Independents is where Trump blew this race - that came from his shooting his fat mouth off at every opportunity about himself instead of staying on message, and all the dirt that we knew the media would save up to throw at him. Sorry, but you DO NOT get to blame this on anyone other than people like you who voted for this jackass in the primaries despite a lot of us warning you exactly what would happen. He was the ONLY candidate polled consistently to lose to Hillary. And he may cast the GOP the Senate because he is now poisoning the down ballot with his "rigged" remarks, and his going after some Republicans harder than he does Hillary. YOU are to blam. Suck it up, buttercup, because I am going to be on you about this every single one of these long years of evil in the Whitehouse. You go to your grave with this stain on you.
20161023 19:16 badanov The political officers are unhappy, it seems.
20161023 08:42 Dale TRUMP'S 'CONTRACT WITH THE AMERICAN VOTER' at Gettysburg.
Fantastic. Trump has outclassed the media. History in the making. He is pulling from all walks of life. Washington Post today finally is starting to get it. Trumpism as they call it is here to stay. Same old doom and gloom from OS. I get the same old comments from my liberal friends. They tell me I watch too much Fox news and then I say I don't watch TV media programs.This is history in the making. I've been 100% for him from the beginning. The polls will soon reflect more accurate results nearer the election. They don't want to look too bad. Trumps first hundred days will be breathtaking. America first!.
20161023 08:33 Pappy "The old restriction meant that only the orthodox were allowed to discuss religion. Modern liberty means that nobody is allowed to discuss it."

— G.K. Chesterton