1032 spam hits today.

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20141024 18:46 http://www.foamindustries.net/home.asp ***SPAM?*** 2007?????????????Ref.116710LN???????? 2012???????????????? http://www.foamindustries.net/home.asp http://www.foamindustries.net/home.asp ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???Web???????PC???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
20141024 17:35 Glenmore "Fred is the only one who knows where to find them."
'Cept for the ones even he forgot.
20141024 12:50 Shipman So then, it's Broody Mary's all the way down.
20141024 12:05 trailing wife Skidmark, we're all intuiting them. Fred is the only one who knows where to find them.
20141024 11:14 Skidmark I wish I could read the posting rules rather than 'intuit' them.
20141024 11:12 Skidmark Their case then incubates past the contagion point at which time they seek the cure.
20141024 11:11 Skidmark Someone that travels to a red zone (DwoB?) with the intent of willing exposure, then brings a case home and waits, spreading joy.
20141024 11:11 Skidmark Thinking of the NYC case, I wonder if RantBurg can coin the term 'ViralTour Terrorist'?
20141024 10:43 swksvolFF I have a seat on that train 49Pan.

The problem, the warning is at least 6 months too late.
20141024 09:51 Pappy breakthroughs in modern physics and their relationship to a few personal experiences

I once had an interesting talk with a physicist on a flight from Chicago to Seattle. Learned all about quarks.

Then again, I had an interesting talk with an octogenarian from Las Vegas who'd outlived three husbands and bought bloody marys for us the entire way on the red-eye from Seattle to Chicago.

So I guess it all works out.
20141024 09:16 OldSpook Kicking off Friday...

Sturgill Simpson. If you haven't heard of him you should listen. Sounds a lot like Waylon.

Interesting guy. Navy vet, and a train guy (worked as a yard man). Kentucky coal country roots. Recovering alcoholic. And here's a telling quote from the Wikipedia: Simpson said he focuses on his "[n]ighttime reading about theology, cosmology, and breakthroughs in modern physics and their relationship to a few personal experiences I've had led to most of the songs on the album."

Yep. He wrote a country song titled "Turtles all the way down". On an album titled "Metamodern Sounds In Country Music". Uh huh.

Interesting guy.
20141024 08:00 Dale The media is going out of its way to misinform us. 30 minuets to disinfect aircraft phooey!. Ambulance ride and three days later you are told you had a person with something bad. 30 minuets disinfect, phooey.
20141023 23:51 Alaska Paul Deacon---Sjoffie and I got a good laugh out of that one!!!
20141023 20:23 badanov It can go in Opinion
20141023 19:36 junkiron

I first saw this a few days ago on a couple of web sites and then again today on townhall.com. I thought about posting it on Ramtburg but, although quite controversial, maybe not suitable language and content for the front page ?

Brilliant New Feminist Tactic: Using Little Girls in Videos to Yell The F-Word
20141023 19:26 49 Pan The FBI today advised to remove your association with law enforcement and military from social media because ISIS is targeting through social medias. F^&^K them. I have close friends in law enforcement, the military, other US agencies, and private companies fighting this war. I am proud of them, proud of my association, my past actions, and will be proud of my future actions. I will not let Some Islamic terrorist force me into hiding. BRING IT!!!
20141023 19:14 Dale "labeling suspected cases as other illnesses" Its started.

I kinda like little Dummies myself.Good luck with that one.
20141023 12:57 Deacon Blues I've got an idea on a plan to feed people and make money. I'll open a facility that makes nutritious snack cakes with pot added. I'll call them "Little Doobies". I'm gonna be RICH!!!
20141023 00:14 Thing From Snowy Mountain And now I'm just being silly.

20141022 23:23 49 Pan So on his last day in office could Obama give all the illegals in America amnesty? Would it stick? Would it be legal?
20141022 23:10 Frank G back home. It appears "Mr. Frank" is a rational RB newcomer, and NOT pretending to be me. Welcome aboard!
20141022 22:57 badanov Done
20141022 22:54 badanov Stand by
20141022 22:10 swksvolFF Mods, suspicious beso at Canada police say
20141022 19:30 Bright Pebbles http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/3-key-findings-in-chapel-hills-academic-fraud-investigation/88325

Chapel Hill’s Academic-Fraud Investigation
20141022 19:12 badanov In Canada, sergeant at arms is serious business.
20141022 18:39 Dale Well its started. .. With the elections ... news that's bad for the Democrats. What is it now here 20 days and your cleared of it. Should be 40-90 days. Elections more important than .. I give up.
20141022 17:51 Bright Pebbles My Oculus Rift arrived but it was broken!


Was going to try ARMA and EliteDangerous.
20141022 16:38 badanov M-60 as well as every other tank on the planet.
20141022 14:26 OldSpook Any old treadhead will tell you the one thing the M60 had over the M1. The bottom hatch. Very handy when buttoned up, especially during long training exercises.

Plus the phone - great for MOUT combined arms with the crunchies. Cant do that with the Abrahms due to the heat back there.
20141022 08:37 trailing wife Whew! two dozen spams awaited this morning. No doubt they'll fertilize the mulch pile out back.
20141022 08:07 Deacon Blues Saw lots of meteors early this morning. It was the peak of the Orionid meteor shower.
20141022 08:07 Deacon Blues Saw lots of meteors early this morning. It was the peak of the Orionid meteor shower.
20141022 00:16 badanov I tried the Arma 2 M-60A3 tonight. The thermals are amazing, but, ultimately since the logistical system is set up for Russian kit, I can't rearm it.

Now, that's a tank!

20141021 20:20 OldSpook Was worse under Ford & Carter. Military was openly despised.
20141021 19:09 Thing From Snowy Mountain I imagine these days it must be a tough decision to make, to join.
20141021 19:03 Dale Ditto it stings. With communication these days many ways to keep in touch. You did really good.
20141021 16:37 badanov Some Tuesday evening Cactus:

20141021 13:45 trailing wife Thank you to you and your son, GORT. That he stepped forward under this president and the current conditions adds an extra level to his choice.
20141021 05:11 Shipman Lol Skid

GodSpeed to your son GORT.
20141021 02:21 Skidmark Good on you GORT, and your whole family.
20141021 02:19 Skidmark They put on their masks and shields.
20141021 02:19 Skidmark I told them I was in Houston.
20141021 02:17 Skidmark They asked if I had been out of the country.
20141021 02:16 Skidmark Dental checkup yesterday in Dallas.
20141020 21:58 badanov Best of luck to you and your son
20141020 21:08 GORT I packed #4 son off to the Navy this morning.

He and I have been very close since his mother died years ago and this, my last son to leave the house really stings.

But I did want to brag on him a bit in front of a group that knows what service really means.

I am so very proud of him.
20141020 21:01 Dale
20141020 18:46 Pappy Not to worry, the new Ebola zampolit starts work Wednesday.

Ahead of schedule, mind you.
20141020 18:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain And there's one of the batch that looks like he maybe has african ancestry.
20141020 10:37 Pappy Not a single caduceus insignia among them, Skid.
20141020 07:45 trailing wife Spam zapped. Hope y'all have a pleasant morning and a productive day.
20141019 23:48 Skidmark I don't believe all the guys in this photo are docs.
20141019 22:14 OldSpook THe "western" attitude toward religion is prevalent in Kurdish culture, which is why the Christians and Yazidi and Bahai and Sufi and yes, even Jews, have found accommodation in Kurdish areas.

My personal impression is that the Kurds are the most 'Murican of all the cultures in the region.
20141019 20:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain I thought interplay between the Jews and the Kurds went _way_ back, possibly back to when the ancestors of the Kurds were known as Hittites.
20141019 19:09 trailing wife They're everywhere!! We knew there are Muslim Kurds, and Yazidi Kurds, but also

Kurdish Jews of Israel worry about their countrymen facing ISIS
20141019 18:49 Skidmark Anybody have updates on the Mars comet?
20141019 18:35 Pappy Either a heat exchanger or fittings to the generators.
20141019 17:53 Skidmark During the accident, hot water and steam began “spewing” out of the engine’s oven compartment, Sina.com reported.

Just can't put metal in the microwave!
20141019 16:56 trailing wife The spammers have been busy today.
20141019 16:36 Dale http://youtu.be/vJKTLuvGAU4?list=PLHSoxioQtwZcJiKVxaGLoL3cD2WBPby3z
20141019 14:11 badanov Wretchard has a nice article for treadheads.
20141019 11:50 badanov Some Sunday morning Jamey Johhson:

20141019 11:46 badanov Now, that's a party, Ship!
20141019 09:01 Skidmark

New Call-of-Duty
20141019 08:52 Skidmark
Brain Donor
20141019 06:28 Shipman Florida is a damn train wreck. I can't focus my hatin on 'em. They need to steal both coaches from Mississippi. I hear Jamesis is working for ISIL as an EbooooooLah carrier.

And BadMan is giving me a serious yen for mud puppies. Been a few years.