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20191215 09:36 JimmyDip ***SPAM? 1*** Women's clothing and accessories from the UK - Click here...
20191215 08:54 trailing wife Grunter! It’s been a while since you poked your head in — how are you?
20191214 22:54 Grunter I read the start of Deacon’s joke and thought it was the caption to 3dc’s picture...
20191212 18:21 3dc
20191212 09:59 Deacon Blues Two cows were out in a pasture. One said, "MOOOOOOO". The other one said pretty much the same thing.
20191209 06:09 trailing wife Found it! :-) Now I can go back to sleep, while the rest of the world gets on with things.

#36 This pyramid is the badge I carry into battle with the SJW Left every day and it serves me well.

This is where you are going into the weeds. Rantburg is a news aggregator for the War on Terror. Rantburg is not a debating society. It branches off into Non-WoT, Politix and whatever Fred puts up with because everything is deeply inter-twingled, but the basis is the WoT.

The commentary consists mainly of analysis, snark and opinion. As far as I can tell, a majority of the posters are either in the business, domain experts or were there when the festivities originally jumped off. The rest are either interested in the world or enjoy playing intel-analyst.

tl:dr: the goal of the discussion here is not to own the other side, but to figure out what the hell is going on, how it will evolve, and how to respond. Your pyramid is simply not applicable to this domain.

Posted by SteveS 2019-12-07 17:56

20191209 00:33 trailing wife The problem is that on most subjects the gentleman in question is thoroughly sensible. It’s just on cannabis prohibition and actually fighting the WoT — or any other projection of force — that he becomes pugnaciously juvenile.

SteveS nailed it though, when he said bluntly this is not a debating society, but a place where we figure out best how to defeat the culture of jihad — though you worded it better, my dear. I need to go back and save it for future pasting into conversations.
20191207 19:53 Frank G lol
20191207 17:59 SteveS From where the sun now stands in the sky, I will respond to Herb no more forever.
20191207 17:54 Skidmark If we were, his comments would be deleted

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20191207 16:29 Frank G foaming and raving mad liberals? LOL. If we were, his comments would be deleted
20191207 16:21 SCFI I cannot help but laugh at how easy it is to get many of the conservative members here to turn into foaming raving mad liberals. they would accuse and do name calling like grade school kids, all it take is to mention Herb McCoy and watch the guys make a fool of themselves!

20191207 15:35 Dave D. I usually read it (silently) in a voice which is probably best described as "Julia Child on Meth."
20191207 14:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain Some of the previously deleted word salad spam needed to be read in the voice of Daniel Day Lewis' character from There Will Be Blood.
20191205 06:00 3dc Seen on twitter: "NATO = Needs America to Operate"
20191202 10:54 Deacon Blues A friend went to Spain and had a wonderful time except he got very sick. He called to the desk from his room and asked for some aspirin to be dent up. The desk clerk said she would send up the Inn's doctor. The doctor diagnosed him with a simple cold. My friend said he didn't know Spanish inns had doctors on call. The doctor said, "Haven't you heard of the Spanish Inn Physician?'.