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20150729 08:37 Pappy The Danish vessel is a patrol craft. Much different than "littoral warfare.

20150729 07:40 Deacon Blues Blinky might be dead! For two years. Tuberculosis.
20150728 23:44 Thing From Snowy Mountain The LCS has a modular weapons system framework designed by someone who didn't understand the word 'modular.'

If you want to see how the LCS was _supposed_ to work, look at that Danish ship class I can't remember.
20150728 23:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain Shipman: at least the F-35 can carry weapons if the need arises, despite the Lockheed home office's best efforts.
20150728 20:31 Pappy Oh, they'll let Pollard leave. Question is whether Israel will do more than just let him in.

Ship: Irish setters ain't got no brains. Still...

Dunno about Jeb. American Spectator likes his track record. Question is: what plays in Tallahassee gonna play in D.C.? And for how much is he gonna sell out?
20150728 19:31 3dc Israel's Justice Minister MK Ayelet Shaked has confirmed minutes ago that the US parole board has recommended that Jonathan Pollard be released this coming Nov. 20th after 30 years in prison. It is not clear if Pollard will be allowed to leave the US and move to Israel.
20150728 18:10 Shipman Also: Pappy would you agrees with this statement?

Winston is about as stable as pram with 3 Irish Setters. Good writer means well, brave to a fault, something of a disaster. Still?

I made that up of course, I will investigate
20150728 17:01 Shipman Ima start to worry about myself, defending JEB! And the F-35. :)

Pappy if I say a good word abut the LCS sanction me.
20150727 11:01 Skidmark
20150727 01:02 3dc http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33640974
20150726 18:28 Dale
20150726 17:30 Shipman Even as a kid Vietnam was more than an irritant. My cousin Steven was carrying a radio at Hue City during Tet. I was anxious and proud.
20150726 14:48 OldSpook 3dc that Might explain the differences between early Baby Boomers and those starting right about 1960 (Maybe a bit older). To them Vietnam was something going on as a kid and was "over with" before they became teenagers, and Watergate on TV simply got in the way of afternoon reruns of Startrek or Gilligan. I find the latter far more likely to be conservative.
20150726 14:45 Shipman (Cough)FERRARI!(cough)
20150725 13:39 3dc now a blast from the past:
20150725 09:51 Shipman Sweet Jeeeeebus, is my JOE! Really the local Senator from Tinian? It is a major island in the Marianna's, second only to Guam and Saipan. Good tank country. :(

Runways, they have them.

JOE! Talk to mr.