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20140420 00:29 badanov Pappy: You may get a kick out of this.
20140420 00:14 OldSpook This pretty much speaks to where I come from on Putin and Russia. Maybe I am a relic of the cold war, but people should damned well remember one thing: we were right - and we won it

(even though the government is doing its best to reverse that win this century)

These problems are not new. They predate Putin, though they have intensified under his rule.

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20140419 20:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thank you Grunter
20140419 20:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thank you Grunter
20140419 18:49 Grunter Snowy, theage.com.au/ is covering the ferry story.
20140419 17:18 TFSM also excuse the abbrev., I'm trying out diff. web browsers.

One thing that's really irritating me, I don't know where to go to get Korean Ferry news. Any news out there on the root cause of the accident?
20140419 16:58 TFSM Pappy: my arth. is bad and it's distracting me from thinking of a proper clever response.
20140419 15:26 OldSpook Interesting news from Poland

Oh. I see you already hear.
20140419 14:49 Pappy "You sound like g(r)omgoru," he said half-facetiously.
20140419 14:13 TFSM it's a tripwire force to keep those damn poles from getting uppity.
20140419 10:36 Pappy Morning.

One from wretchard:

The Washington Post reports that the US has decided to deploy ground forces to Poland, ostensibly to act as a tripwire to deter further Russian threats, raises some interesting issues. The first is why the story was leaked from a Polish source. It is almost as if Warsaw wanted to pre-empt Obama before he could have second thoughts. The second issue is that Poland will be taking the lead “under US patronage”. Obama, as usual, will be leading from behind. Tripwire strategies have a long history in Democratic administrations. Tripwire strategies are not seriously intended to prevent the enemy from advancing. The purpose of a tripwire deployment is to make it impossible for Washington to retreat; to nail Obama to the ground, to keep him from running away.

The Washington Post story quotes the Poles as confessing that “US patronage” will be a hollow one unless America re-arms. Poland is saying if the US revives its strategic posture, then Europe can be defended. The converse of that — the “else” — is of course obvious to all, though perhaps I should not say “all”. Obama’s not going to get much help from the Western Europeans. Europe can offer treaties, bureaucrats, human rights lawyers, quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations. But they are less than useful in this situation. The net effect will be to force Obama to do either do what Poland hopes — pivot to Europe — or clearly abandon it. Pivoting to Europe must leave the Pacific exposed. To cover all bases Obama will have to postpone his plan to fundamentally transform America into a welfare-state and rebuild the military. If there’s one thing Obama won’t do, it is stop the flow of goodies to his domestic constituencies. That is his power base and Obama may love domestic political power more than he loves Poland.

In the short term however, and before Obama decides — if he ever does — on rebuilding forces, Putin has many options for mischief. If there was one non-kinetic way of showing resolve against Putin it would be ramping US energy production. If Obama wanted to beggar Putin, he would turn on the faucet. But he won’t. You might well ask: how serious is Obama about stopping Putin when he can’t even stand up to the Sierra Club? Twitter, always a source amusement these days, had a Tweet going: “Headlines. Putin invades Ukraine. Obama responds by invading Nevada.” How would you like to be on the tripwire force?
20140419 10:02 Bright Pebbles http://theaviationist.com/2014/04/17/new-image-triangular-mystery/
20140419 00:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain
20140418 23:27 Pappy Greetings from Hell With Saguaros.
20140418 22:21 Thing From Snowy Mountain Damn Lithocentrism.
20140418 21:33 Skidmark Gotta kinda figure we know why they lost the signal..."on legs on the ocean surface".
20140418 21:16 3dc SpaceX landed their first stage upright on legs on the ocean surface before loss of signal after 8 seconds.

Now to get the FAA to approve landing on land.
20140418 16:11 Shipman Borrowed from Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid ---- yes I am easily amused.

20140417 23:16 Pappy
20140417 22:21 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore: That's pretty much what I figured.
20140417 20:41 Glenmore Snowy, that article strikes me as mostly wrong. 1) six wells from one pad don't 'gush' at the same time - shouldn't 'gush' at all unless the drillers screwed up. 2) The Bakken is nowhere near 22,000' down. 3) The Bakken is an oily shale and it needs to be drilled horizontally and fracced in order to produce. 4) There are no 'oceans' of oil in shales - sometimes limestones have oil-filled caverns.
Etc. Gotta run.
20140417 20:38 Pappy suspect it's probably just some groundwork for someone running a scam

I'm surprised it didn't make it to ZeroHedge.
20140417 20:36 Pappy Oh, that means she'll give birth in 2015.

Plenty of time for 2016...
20140417 19:53 Deacon Blues I'm willing to give Chelsea a pass at the moment. She can't help who her parents are. Hell, my Dad was a Southern Baptist Preacher.
20140417 16:39 Shipman Man AP I thought you were talking about the Good Friday joy ride. Had a friend who was walking home from school on base. He has vivid, I mean vivid memories of that, he was about 10.
20140417 16:36 Shipman The younger Clinton woman is going to Spawn! Right after a Passover BloodMoon.

RoseMia to the Vermilion fone!

Yawl laughed when I tried to set up a fund to stop this very thing from happening. The Tie The Tubes Foundation got Zilch, Nada not a damn cent. Oh well. She's in first octomester so who knows what could happen.

20140417 12:52 Deacon Blues VIRGINIA POSTREL compares Paul Krugman to Kim Kardashian. That’s unfair. Kim Kardashian owes her success to her ass. Paul Krugman owes being an ass to his success.

20140417 12:32 Thing From Snowy Mountain Either way, you move the overton window. And if you destroy the ability for people to oppose you but still act like an adult, you've won a special kind of victory.
20140417 12:31 Thing From Snowy Mountain @ AoSHQ: Obama's Deliberately Trolling the GOP.

In the comments:

No, trolling works for the White House.

Remember the VP debate? Biden literally trolled Ryan the entire time. It was clearly the strategy. Lie, laugh, guffaw, give Ryan the "U Mad Bro?" look.

And it worked.

The whole WarOnWomenz and Women in Binders thing was a giant troll. And it worked.

But it worked cause most of the media was a willing participant in the trolling.

I'd like to add:

It's a particularly nasty propaganda technique to lie so outrageously that you win if your opponents leave your lies unchallenged -or- if they're reduced to calling you a liar.
20140417 12:25 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, I ran across this @ Free Republic but suspect it's probably just some groundwork for someone running a scam. (I'm guessing you've seen the type before). Any comment, though?
20140417 11:24 Alaska Paul I did not feel it, but M'Lady did. She and a colleague were having lunch at the Twister Creek Restaurant in Talkeetna at 1224 when the earthquake hit. She said that you could here the rumbling coming like the noise of a freight train. Then everything hanging on the walls started to swing and the whole building moved like a boat on the sea. The quake went on for quite a while then stopped. No real damage seen. The earthquake epicenter was 76 km deep, 64 km (37 miles) north of Talkeetna.
20140417 08:52 Deacon Blues Alaska Paul must be still bouncing. A 5.1 earthquake occured near Talkeetna this morning.
20140416 23:46 Thing From Snowy Mountain Damn I'm tired. I have next week off from school, so maybe I'll catch up then. Sort of.
20140416 21:57 badanov My favorite line from 200 Motels:


20140416 21:15 Dale BP Hello. I have seen things like this in the past. People are really quite creative. Overhead trolley lines charged for handmade cars. From used heart monitor wires. Parts from model T's for railroad setups. I had some windup cars spring gear powered. Brass gears just too soft. I still have then. They looked very much like the smaller cares shown. Problem is the children throw the stuff out or the wife.
20140416 19:38 Deacon Blues The zircon encrusted tweezer market crashed, too.
20140416 18:23 3dc Shipman - they could have a concession off 200 Motels...
20140416 18:02 Bright Pebbles
20140416 17:49 3dc
20140416 17:45 3dc And Montana does not plan ahead in the same way Poofter's Froth Wyoming does.
20140416 17:43 3dc At least there are no "Modified Dogs" in Montana...
20140416 17:02 Shipman Then the poor marketing by the Montana Naturl Floss Association "Our Floss is Your Floss", "Share the Floss", campaigns come to mind, combined with the tragic loss of crop insurance by competing agricultural interests (Our Boys Need Alpaca! Toothpicks are Cheaper), wrote a sad end to this legendary crop.
20140416 16:28 Deacon Blues Goin' to Montana soon, gonna be a dental Floss Tycoon.
20140416 14:47 Shipman Snowy, skinny tortoises, that's the real reason tortoise ranching gave way to dental floss mono-culture.

20140416 14:32 Thing From Snowy Mountain From the comments section at Rand Simberg's:

Back in the old West a lot of the toughest codgers tried tortoise ranching, but it died out because it took years to drive the herds up to Kansas City or Chicago. On a good day they might cover a mile and a half, but most days they could only drive them about a mile because a herd has to graze. There was no use bringing skinny turtles to market. In frontier towns along the drive it was a always big week when the boys brought a herd through, and people would grab their kids out of the streets in case there was a stampede as the torts got a whiff of the salad bar at the Golden Corral and Saloon.

A lot of people don’t realize it, but Westerners learned to say little and talk slowly so they didn’t run out of things to say during the big tortoise drives. Now that’s part of our Western culture. But then came the barbed wire fences, and the last of the free-grazing tortoise drives stopped because the tortoises didn’t give a s**t about the barbed wire, but the cowboys would have to carry their beer coolers and lawn chairs the long way round and try to catch back up to the stock, and that was just too much work for the world’s laziest f**king ranchers.

The only ones left are the ones who run mixed herds of cattle and tortoises, like Cliven Bundy’s family. If the BLM wins, an historic and traditional American way of life will come to a final, bitter end, and this nation will close a fascinating chapter of its history.
20140416 13:27 Bright Pebbles use AdBlock and set your Browser to DNT do no track.
Also run ghostery.
20140416 12:13 3dc Warning - One of my FB friend's FB profile photo showed up in a Match.com advertisement when I logged into Yahoo Mail. I told her and she was shocked. Not sure what's going on but something is Rotten in Denmark (Silicon Valley).
20140416 11:42 OldSpook Just make it a constant reminder: do no withholding, and have everyone pay quarterly like businesses do. And make the payments the first Tuesday one month after the end of the quarter. Which coincidentally puts a Tax Day right there in the first week of November.
20140416 10:37 Bright Pebbles http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-16/tanks-flying-russian-flag-enter-east-ukraine-city#comment-4664699
20140416 10:21 Skidmark Real story...
Walking the halls of academia yesterday I noticed two burka clad individuals transition in opposition before me. One stops, turns, looks behind her, runs to a hug and says, "Oh, I didn't recognize you!" The other replies, "It's my sunglasses."
20140416 00:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain @ Belmont Club:

Obama’s half-way, half-a** measures involves the US without him thinking he’s involving it. He’s parsing in an international area where parsing doesn’t work. Putin now has a plausible pretext for claiming Obama internationalized the conflict and therefore will argue that two can play that game. And you can bet your boodle that Putin’s return blow won’t be limited to a few containers of MREs.

And if it escalates, what then? Another speech?

It takes more than a speech to achieve something. Remember how president Obama promised to disarm Assad of chemical weapons? What has happened since? By all indications Assad is now poised to win the Syrian Civil War after facing certain defeat. Obama has a wonderful knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

President Obama should remember Teddy Roosevelt’s sage advice. Speak softly and carry a big stick. Not shout loudly and carry a toothpick.
20140415 23:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain The people's cube Strikes Again.
20140415 21:20 Pappy Me, I think there should be no with-holding. Gonculate it, send in the form along with a check.

Oh, and break the tax season into twelve months - filing month based on, say, the sum of the last two digits of your SSN.
20140415 20:07 badanov Some Tuesday evening George Strait:

20140415 19:53 Glenmore All elected and appointed officials should have to do their own taxes. No computer programs, no professional assistence. Just themselves and pen and paper (well, maybe a calculator.) My annual rant, but now more important than ever.
20140415 19:47 Glenmore Stolen from a friend:

An Arab family was considering putting their grandfather (Abdullah) in a nursing home. All the Arab Facilities were completely full, so they had to put him in an Italian home. After a few weeks in the Italian facility, they came to visit Grandpa.

How do you like it here?" asked the grandson"

It's wonderful! Everyone here is so courteous and respectful," said grandpa.

"We're so happy for you. We were worried that this was the wrong place for you,since you are a little different from everyone."

"Oh, no ! Let me tell you about how wonderfully they treat the residents," Abdullah said with a big smile.

"There's a musician here - he's 85 years old. He hasn't played the violin in 20 years, and everyone still calls him "Maestro ! "

There is a judge in here - he's 95 year old. He hasn't been on the bench in 30 years and everyone still calls him "Your Honor".

There's a dentist here - 90 years old. He hasn't fixed a tooth for 25 years, and everyone still calls him "Doctor ".

And Me - I haven't had sex for 35 years, and they still call me "The Fucking Arab."
20140415 10:05 SteveS The other day we were kicking around the falling murder rate in Chicago. Consensus seemed to blame it on the cold as heck winter rather than great policing, with the expectation that the first warm day would bring a return to normalcy (ahem!). Well surprise, surprise, as Gomer used to to say. Via Vanderleun's:
weekend violence leaves 4 dead 37 wounded
20140415 08:32 Grunter There was a bandleader called Ken "Snakehips" Johnson killed (with many others) when a bomb exploded in the Rialto Hotel, London during a show.
20140415 01:54 Pappy Yes, it's scary if it's true, bad.
20140415 00:02 Alaska Paul HERE IS A LINK to the Louisville Historian article about that fateful flight of B-17 "Snake Hips."